Funny: Bisa Kdei – We Were Not Kissing, We Were Playing “Kiss The Strawberry”

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Not more than a week ago came up with a video which purportedly showed imagery of Bisa Kdei and his colleague musician Becca smooching.

This came as a rather confounding news as the two have on countless occasions denied having anything to do romantically.

Chill!! There is still no lovey-dovey going on here. In an exclusive interview with, the ace Ghanaian highlife musician said that he and Becca were only kissing a strawberry.

”you see the part of the ‘Hw3’ music video where we held out a strawberry with our lips? That was kinda what we were trying to achieve”

Bisa said.

Narrating how they ended up clutched in each other’s arms in the dark to our reporter, he said

“So I and Becca are at this boring party, the waiter serves us wine with strawberries. Becca pokes me with her elbow and then winks at me. That wink was naughty, I swear.

She whispers into my ear that we go outside and play ‘Kiss the Strawberry’. It’s how we call it. We had to give it a name since we often play it, you know. Hahaa”

With a soft voice and in an emotional manner he continued to speak

“So yea, as best buddies we moved out of the event hall to play our favorite game behind the building where there was no light, and then this stupid kid who has been following us all through the evening videotaped us playing ‘Kiss the Strawberry’, now the whole world is misinformed that I’m chopping down Becca.”

We are just friends” he added.