Here’s Why Social Media Is So Obsessed With Moesha Boduong

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If you’re a Ghana social media enthusiast living in the same decade as I am and you have no idea who Moesha Boduong is, then you-my friend need to backup your social media game.

Tell you a little about  this fine woman, Moesha Boduong is an actress, model, socialite… Mainly known for her stunning red carpet appearances, role played in comedy movie “Amakye & Dede”, and OHH!! THEM IRRESISTIBLE PHOTOS she shares on her Instagram page – @moeshaboduong.

So why is social media so obsessed with the actress’s biz?? It’s not all about the enormous backside you know (let’s pretend 😜), there’s more, Read on.

She is Beautiful

She does not expose too much skin… yea, sometimes.

She takes really nice photos

Occasionally she shows all the skin… yes,  few times

Who is able to wear only a top outside home?? This girl.

Fashion game on fleek

Model game on fleek

I told you she takes beautiful photos

She takes photos like these too

Killer poses

OH my, She is just beautiful

So you see, it’s not all about backside

Or is it??

The innocence in her eyes. 😍😍😍