Zionfelix.net Has been Hacked

As at the time of writing, Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 5:02pm, zionfelix.net is down.

The fast growing entertainment blog has undergone a cyber attack, rendering the website to redirect all it visitors to a page (shown below) with a random message about terrorism.

This cyber attack, almost appears to be similar to ones performed on celebrity blog ameyawdebrah.com and the official website Ghanaian Tertiary institution KNUST’s official website knust.edu.gh some months ago.


The message on the news website at the time of writing reads:

IT seems Like The World “Terrorism” is only Reserved For Muslims
” Tested By S1R110R “

Indonesian Muslim Cyber
My Family : SILIWANGI – PhantomGhost – Xai Syndicate – GhostSec – 4prili666h05T – Mr.spongebob – Ins7ing – initial_Dhe – Jarvis – Salyco – Jilan404 – R3T4X – Caterpillar – cOdename: bypass – Kill The God – Kazuya404 – Zeelous – MrMoonz – Trex Corp – DABBING404 – RintoAR – ./MakLoeGaming – CCOCOT – Tn.V0Nerror404 – Forbidden403 – Mr.R404 – ML7C – NotFound404x – Zakit Dot ID
Message !!!

[+] When America Takes 1 Milliom Lives in iraq For Oil : Not Terrorism
[+] when serbs rape Muslim women In Kosovo/bosnla : Not Terrorism
[+] When Russians Kill 200.00 Cherchens In Bombings : Not Terrorism
[+] When Jews Kik Out Palestinians And Take their Land : Not Terrorism
[+] When America Drones Kill entire Family In Afghanistan/Pakistan : Not Terrorism
[+] When Israel Kills 10.000 Lebanese Civilians Due to 2 mising Soldiers : Not Terrorism
[+] IT seems Like The World “Terrorism” is only Reserved For MUSLIMS


post by: Kojo Amakye for thedistin.com.
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