Mudclo – The Video Search Engine Made In Ghana

Mudclo – The Video Search Engine Made In Ghana


Mudclo is becoming popular recently. The African startup is showing promise. At is the video search engine that has come to join the likes AOL Video, Blinkx and Google Video, on international stage. Give Mudclo a search query and it will comb through the whole of Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion and deliver to you myriads of videos. The best part is that you can stream all these videos from several destinations on the web on the same Mudclo website.

Not satisfied with Youtube videos alone, wish to do comparative streaming? Then join other video websites together and watch your favorite content in one place. Mudclo will even give you the number of views, date of upload, likes and dislikes of all the videos regardless of which website its coming from.

Gabriel Opare MudcloI had the privilege of speaking to the founder, teenage tech enthusiast and University of Ghana student; . As he puts it “he is a martyr for his ideologies” and will develop Mudclo beyond anything Africa and the world has seen. But that is not to say that his startup has no glitches; the landing page of Mudclo is poorly designed with a security feature apparently to hinder web bots that automate the search process on the engine. While this is a normal headache for search engines, (few years back it was revealed that close to 1/3 of Google’s searches were by bots) it doesn’t explain why the graphic design is so poorly done.

Perhaps with time Mudclo will be restructed to appeal more to our eyes and I’m convinced that with enough funds, the startup can leapfrog Africa in the area of web search.

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