Criss Waddle Is My Pet, One Will Die If I Meet Him~Showboy threatens Criss Waddle

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Showbeezy better known Showboy is a Ghanaian -USA musician known for hits like “Paapa ye Guy” ,”Sankofa” among others has made it known that he invented the musical record label AMG Business.

AMG Business is a well recognized brand with Medikal as the prince but there has been a little misrepresentations on who  the real ceo of this record label.
Many would say it belongs to Criss Waddle while others believed it belongs to Showboy.

Well, Showbeezy the “Sankofa” hitmaker in a tweet had let the truth out.
He made it clear that he used his own money, hyped and promoted AMG and he has a bank prove that justifies his sayings.
He disclosed the chain of which they work as; “Medikal work for Waddle and Waddle work for me”.
All  this revelations began when Showboy tweeted

A fan replied Showboy saying

Showboy replied ;

That same fan responded

And finally, Showboy said

Who is indeed the CEO of AMG Business?