See Moesha Boduong’s Advise to Slay Queens

See Moesha Boduong’s Advise to Slay Queens


To the women out there who have decided not to work hard to get money into your empty bank accounts but will forever be chopping yourselves for your daily bread, your colleague, Moesha Boduong has a message for you.

It looks like the self-admitted husband snatcher, Moesha Boduong has learned and understood her lessons. She took to her Instagram page and advised her friends to stop allowing themselves to be hammered by different men because that will never make them rich.

She wrote “sleeping with different men will never make you successful or rich. no man will spend on a hoe!! men love women who are exclusive. Don’t believe in everything you read on social media and don’t believe in rumours and gossips,” she advised.

Indeed Moesha Boduong would have been one of the richest women in Africa if sleeping with different men can make a woman rich.

Check her post.

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