All You Need to Know About the Shatta & Pope Skinny Beef – Why it Started? Who is Behind it?

All You Need to Know About the Shatta & Pope Skinny Beef – Why it Started? Who is Behind it?


Shatta Wale, the self-acclaimed Dancehall King, has cited several reasons why he sacked Pope Skinny from his Shatta Movement Family which has currently led to the mudslinging between the two former best friends.

According to him, Pope Skinny just like Blade, Good Over Evil and the others he has sacked are ungrateful. Shatta Wale also claims Pope Skinny and the others are driving his true fans from him.

Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny

Well, Shatta Wale might have lied from what has gathered. source close to the Shatta Movement family has given us a different explanation as to what generated this beef.

On 26th February, Pope Skinny posted a photo with bundles of GHS50 notes and a bottle of Kpokeke bitters surrounding him lying on a bed. He made the post both on Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing on the photo-laden app, Instagram, Pope Skinny gave a caption which offended Shatta Wale. The Asuoden rapper captioned:

Respect Your Girlfriend Because We All Want Her And We Are Better Than You. But She Chose You

Cause of Shatta Wale Pope Skinny’s beef

Shatta Wale took an offense to this caption from what we have been told because Pope Skinny has already had a minor argument with Shatta Wale over how he is treating Shatta Michy, his baby mama.

So Shatta Wale took Pope Skinny’s post as a shade to him and he did not take it lightly at all. He ordered Pope Skinny to delete the post from social media which Skinny refused.

The outcome of their encounter is what the entertainment industry has been experiencing for days now. Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny have been dropping filla shared between them on social media each hour.

Ignore the excuse of ungratefulness from Shatta Wale, it’s all lies from an authentic source very close to the Shatta Movement Family.

Pope Skinny just got fed about how Shatta Wale was treating Michy and attempted to reprimand his boss in a subtle way which didn’t go well.

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