Don’t Laugh: Angel Obinim Reveals He’s 93 Years

Don’t Laugh: Angel Obinim Reveals He’s 93 Years


The self-styled ‘angel of God’, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has once again made another of his outrageous comments meant to make him seem invincible to his church members whilst showing everyone else how certifiably insane he is.

Because most of the claims Obinim makes leave only two choices for interpretation – he’s either deluded and really believes his claims or he’s a pathological liar – neither of which speaks particularly well of his mental health.

Obinim claims he visits heaven and has chats with God, is good friends with the angels in heaven and can fly into any bank in the world and steal their cash. He also claims he’s far older in the spiritual realm than he looks in the physical realm.

Obinim claims the more good deeds he does here on earth, the more years God adds to his age in the spiritual realm. Therefore, he claims he’s currently in his 90s spiritually, whilst other pastors in Ghana are 10 years or even younger.

What sane person can make such claims with a straight face? Watch the video below…

post credit: GhanaCelebrities.Com