Fella Makafui’s Sister Annoyed with Her for Snatching Medikal from Sister Derby??

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Fella Makafui’s ‘snatching’ of Medikal out of the complacent hands of Sister Derby is a story that would never die down. The way the two paraded themselves as ‘besties’, then transitioned into a couple whilst humiliating Derby is just a stain that would follow them everywhere they go.

And whilst they remain together for now, they both have to wish that the day does not come when one of the two treats the other like the way they treated Sister Derby.

Anyway, according to some rumours out there, Ghanaians in general are not the only ones pissed with how the whole Medikal-Fella-Sis Derby situation went down. Apparently, a sister of Fella Makafui, Fendy, is also pissed with how her sister behaved and therefore is unhappy with her relationship with Medikal.

Recently, Fella Makafui marked the first anniversary of her wine business and it turned out her sister failed the attend the event. Notorious IG blogger ‘thosecalledcelebs’ pointed out that Fendy refused to attend and users in the comments came out with the reason why.

According to one, Fendy and Fella are fighting due to how her sister snatched another lady’s man and so long as that relationship is ongoing they are not going to be on good terms.

IG user ‘akosuashy’ revealed: “She’s not in support of dat relationship n d little sister is furious don’t worry wen dey break up she will be d only one to comfort her dey will make up den????.”

Others also claimed that their mum is taking Fella’s side in the dispute, which is pretty understandable considering Fella is the one who just bought her a car! Money, after all, is everything to some people.

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