Obrafuor: I Recently Lost My Memory

post by: FrvrKay for thedistin.com.
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Veteran hiplife artiste Obrafuour has touched on a rather sensitive experience in an interview with  Nana Kwesi Asare on ‘The Big Show’ on Class 91.3FM. According to the Pae Mu Ka hitmaker, he recently lost his memory.

“I don’t know what happened. I woke up one morning, was going to brush my teeth and I realised I couldn’t move my hands, so, they took me to 37 Military Hospital and I was there for about a month; they did all they could, including brain scans but they couldn’t detect anything, but I came back.”

He adds that to say one is truly blessed must not necessarily be about their money or physical wealth. He recounts what happened to him sometime back…

“Just recently, two years ago, there was an incident where I had to be at the Korle Bu Intensive Care Unit for three months. I fell on my neck and in that case, that was where I realised that a lot has happened to me. This is what I say all the time and everybody says I’m blessed.

“When somebody has money and he can afford anything, he thinks he’s blessed. The grace is sufficient, God’s grace is sufficient.

“But if you want to see the hand of God, it is not that everything is okay for you, you have what you want, the children, you have a beautiful wife and all that but people who go through difficult situations and they come back, to me that is what I call the hand of God, so, I have seen that God’s hands have been mighty because in all cases, Jesus came through for me.”

post credit: GhanaCelebrities.Com