Photo: Fella Warns Medikal’s Fan Not to Call Him Odo

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Fella Makafui after snatching Medikal from Sister Derby is now scared that another lady will also grab him to herself looking at how she has been overprotective when it comes to issues relating to Medikal.

Fella Makafui for the fear of losing Medikal has warned a random lady on Instagram to stop calling her man, Medikal as “Odo” because it gets her mad!

Apparently, Fella Makafui has been monitoring the social media activities of Medikal and this time she decided to take action after this beautiful lady referred to Medikal as “Odo”.

As it’s often said that “Karma is a b*tch”, Fella Makafui is damn scared of losing Medikal to another lady ─apparently, she is scared of the social media trolling should Karma acts a b*tch to pay her back!

Fella Makafui replying the lady with username, Chaollin Celli wrote, “The way you are calling my husband, Odo, I don’t like am oo”.


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