Efia Odo Claims being a ‘Gangster’ — ‘Don’t Let my Cute Face fool You’

post by: FrvrKay for thedistin.com.
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In the past few days, actress Efia Odo was in the news for endorsing fornication as a far lesser sin than masturbation.

In a typical move for cherrypicking Christians, Efia declared the sin she engages in as less serious than what others do. It’s the same way Ghanaians break every law in the bible but feel they can call gays as sinners.

Anyway, the actress claims she’s hardcore, irrespective of her cute face which might fool Ghanaians.

She posted a photo of herself, adding the caption: “Don’t let this cute face fool ya. My attitude is soo Brooklyn.”

Check out her post below…

Instagram Photo

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com