Vicky Zugah: Movie Producers turn Actresses into Ashawobrities

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Actress Vicky Zugah has completely solved the mystery over why some female celebrities turn to pimping their bodies for cash, the class of celebrities we have inelegantly named as ‘ashawobrities.’

These celebrities, mostly ladies but some guys as well, are in the business of selling their bodies for cash to maintain their lavish lifestyles, and they’re are not shy about it at all.

Anyway, in a video uploaded to Instagram today, Vicky Zugah berates Ghanaian producers for not paying them after utilizing their talents in movies.

Zugah said because they are celebrities, people expect them to live a certain lifestyle but they are broke because producers refuse to pay them, and that is what pushes some of them into selling their bodies.

Zugah just casually let the cat out of the bag.


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