Trotro Driver Who Beat Policeman Explains Why He Did it

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The Trotro Driver, Francis Buabeng who together with his mate, Albert Ansah beat up a policeman in uniform a few weeks ago has finally explained why he did what he did.

In an interview with Joy News, Francis Buabeng has explained that he was defending himself against several attacks from the policeman who he claims was clearly abusing him simply because he had the uniform.

According to the driver, he was driving along the Weija Road when the policeman on a motorbike crossed him around Mallam. When he attempted to find out why the policeman hit on his car door and commanded him to open the car door.

Francis Buabeng (Driver) and Albert Ansah (Mate)

Because of how the policeman crossed his car and he lost control of the car and hit into a pavement. With the car door locked, the policeman moved to his side of the gate and attempted to forcefully take the car keys, unable to do it, he started punching the driver.

According to the driver, everyone in the car was screaming and telling the policeman to stop what he was doing but he kept on punching him. His mate, Albert Ansah who tried to intervene was also punched by the policeman.

That was what infuriated him to defend himself against the attacks from the policeman whose recklessly could have killed all the passengers in the car.

“When I got to Mallam junction, my vehicle was crossed by a motor rider. I had no idea what I had done. A policeman sitting behind the rider alighted and approached my side of the car.

“He hit the door that I should open it. My door has a fault so it didn’t open so he used the other side the car and entered. He attempted to remove my car key,” Buabeng said.

“While I tried to get my hand closer to the key, but he started punching me many times. The passengers even complained that he shouldn’t do that since he is a law enforcer. I actually lost control of the vehicle, forcing it to move back and hit the pavement,” Buabeng explained.

“He kept hitting me; my face, mouth and other parts of my body. When my mate tried to stop him, he turned his attention to him and started hitting him as (mate) well.

“He gave me a head-butt while wearing the helmet so I had to defend myself, so we traded punches,” he added.

Watch Francis Buabeng explain below

After being granted bail by an Accra circuit court on Friday, March 29, The Trotro Driver, Francis Buabeng and his mate, Albert Ansah will appear before the court on 1st April. The date for court hearing was pushed forward due to the bad health of the driver and the mate.

According to their lawyer, they were assaulted by the policemen who took them into custody and continued to assault them for days.

Francis Buabeng and Albert Ansah have been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and causing unlawful damage. They have already pleaded not guilty.

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