Ghanaian Media Promotes Stupid People – President of UAAG

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The president of Up and Coming Artists Association of Ghana (UAAG), Miss Ama Adomah aka Yopoo has taken a heavy swipe at the Ghanaian media especially the entertainment journalists in the country for always hyping “stupid people” in the entertainment industry whiles neglecting the very hard working ones.

Speaking to, Miss Ama Adomah stated that, it makes no sense for the media to concentrate soo much time and energy to talk and hype irrelevant people in the industry but has no time and space for the hard-working ones who just need a little push to be on top of their game in their various fields.

Miss Ama Adomah, president of Up and Coming Artists Association of Ghana (UAAG)

“Time and energy which should be used to encourage the up and coming arts who are very talented and just need a little support to make it and put the flag of Ghana high are being wasted on needless people”, Miss Ama Adomah angrily stated.

“Entertainment journalists waste soo much time promoting people who go naked on social media, drug addicts and others like that. It’s very sad and if this industry will grow to be where we want it to be, our media men and women need to refocus their energy on relevant things and people who actually deserve the attention,” she added.

However, when pushed by to mention the names of the people whom she thinks does not deserve the buzz around, Miss Ama Adomah refused and stated all entertainment stakeholders know them so she does not need to mention anyone’s name.

“I don’t have to mention anyone’s name; you and I know them. They are always in the media being talked about. The media people know they don’t deserve the buzz around them but they keep giving it to them. We all know them, no need to name names,” she said.

Speaking about the Up and Coming Artists Association of Ghana (UAAG), Miss Ama Adomah revealed that, the association was registered in September 2018 and was launched in December same year. The aim of the association is to help upcoming artists in Ghana who are without any form of help.

Up and Coming Artists Association of Ghana (UAAG)

“Already, the association has 200 vibrant members. Just in two months, the association has recorded 20 songs for its members and has shot 4 videos for other members. The association also shot an obituary video in remembrance of Willi Roi when he passed,” Miss Ama Adomah revealed.


Miss Ama Adomah added that the association is currently working to create a website for it members and songs are still being recorded for members.

Ama Adomah called on Ghanaians especially stakeholders in the entertainment industry to come on board and offer any help they can to achieve the vision of the association. She also caleld on upcoming artists in the country to join the association.

“We need help…So far we have only two recording studios which are working with us and we have only two people helping us to shoot music videos for underground artists. So all kinds of help are welcome”, Miss Ama Adomah alias Yopoo concluded.

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