Ministers and MPs Ask to Sleep With Me: Pamela Odame Watara

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Big Boobs Instagram model and nu*dist, Pamela Odame Watara has revealed that there are two members of parliament pestering her for se*x and one of them is willing to pay her $1000 to have that opportunity.

Not only MPs, but Pamela Watara also claims she is being pressured for a one night stand probably even more from politicians, footballers and highly respected personalities in Ghana all that because of one thing, her boobs.

“I am being harassed by a lot of men because of the size of my breasts. Sometimes people offer as much as $1000 just to have a feel. If I show you text messages as well as WhatsApp messages you will be shocked. These are popular and respectable persons in Ghana including two politicians, MPs and footballers,” she revealed.

Pamela Odame Watara

But according to the lady who spoke on Adom FM, she has no interest in the offers because she has a boyfriend and she has no interest in becoming a sex worker but she will gladly accept if given free.

“These are MPs and Ministers but I have not yielded to their demands because I have a boyfriend. If they will give me the amount for free, I will gladly accept but in return for my breasts, it is a big no,” she said.


In the same interview, Pamela Odame Watara revealed she does not mind being the second wife of Sarkodie if the opportunity avails itself despite having a boyfriend.

From the ways she spoke about it, it was obvious it will a dream come through if Tracy Sarkcess gives her the opportunity to share her man with her. But according to the Sark Natives, it is only in her dream this will ever happen.

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