Before and After: SM fan tattoos ‘Reign album’ logo on his forehead, belly and left hand

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Fans of Shatta Wale always go the extra mile to show how loyal they are to their hero who has always urged them not to forego the slogan; for life which has always been their motivation.

This motivation has made a fan who many may call it ignorance to show extreme loyalty by making a tattoo of his ‘Reign’ album logo not just in his forehead but also on his belly and left arm.

One might wonder why a normal being will do such a thing just to show their full allegiance to the Shatta Movement empire but their motivation has always been driven by the inner passion and the physical evidence to show their love and commitment.

See the photo below:

SM fan shows loyalty, tattoos 'Reign album' logo on his belly, forehead and left hand

Not long ago, an SM fan and Shatta Wale were heavily criticised on social media after the latter posted a photo of the fan who has also tattooed ‘SM 4 life’ and his ‘Reign’ album logo on his face to prove his love for the popular dancehall artiste.

According to Instagram users, it is wrong for the SM fan to go to the extent of tattooing such an inscription on his face knowing well that his idol wouldn’t do that.

he photo as at the time it was posted on Instagram by Shatta Wale received a lot of opposing comments from social media users on the platform.

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