VIDEO: Angry Woman Pees in The Middle of a Banking Hall


A female customer out of anger and frustration had no option than to remove her ‘pioto’ and urinate in the middle of a banking hall to the shock of bankers and customers present.

From information gathered, the woman who was at the bank for a transaction asked a staff where she can make herself comfortable because she was pressed but for one hour, the staff of the bank kept giving her excuses about the whereabouts of the key to the washroom.

The woman unable to hold on any longer, shocked customers and staff of the bank by shifting her ‘pioto’ right in front of them to ease herself.

The video has generated a lot of reactions from social media users with some asking questions as to why it will take a bank an hour to open the washroom for a pressed customer?

Others are of the view that the woman should have gone outside to ease herself at a public urinal facility since the staff of the bank weren’t ready to open the washroom for her.

As it stands now, the identity of the woman and name of the particular bank are unknown to the public.

Watch the video below.

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