The Witches Cream I sell for a Week Can Buy over 20 cars

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Rev Obofour who is the leader and founder of Anointed Palace Church is known to be one of the wealthiest pastors in the country and many have always wondered where he makes all of his money from.

Rev Obofour Kweku Antwi loves to stir controversies as well and is known for giving out expensive cars to celebrities, his pastors and those he loves. He also became popular when he started playing secular music including that of Shatta Wale’s songs in his church.

Recently he gave out a Range Rover Evoque to one of Obinim’s pastors known as ‘One Blow’ just to spite him and even added a plot of land and some cash, a situation Obinim was not happy about, making him ‘disown’ the said pastor.

Rev. Obofour

He’s given out cars like a Chevy Camaro to Gospel musician Brother Sammy, a 4×4 to Kumawood star, Christiana Awuni and other cars to other church members and celebrities.

With all of these things, he’s been doing lately, what most Ghanaians have grown curious about the source of his wealth since he claims he doesn’t make money from his church.

According to the self-acclaimed man of God, he has over 15 companies that are currently fetching him huge sums of money and does not depend on his church for survival.

“People don’t know me, the church does not take care of me. I have travelled with the Foreign Affairs Minister to Europe to look for investors. I am a businessman, not a joker. I have more than 14 to 15 serious companies”, he disclosed onetime in a video while preaching after gifting a car to Auntie B of Efiewura fame.

The man of God also revealed that he makes huge sums of money from the ‘Witches cream’ he sells in his church.

“I do not take an offering in my church but the money I make from the witches cream I sell for just a week can purchase over 20 cars”, he added.

Also, gospel musician popularly known as Bro Sammy also revealed that Rev Obofour has a huge oil company in Liberia.

According to Bro Sammy, the man of God also owns a sachet water company which is another source of wealth for Rev Obofour.

Bro Sammy also revealed that Rev Obofour is a hotelier; which means he owns a lot of hotels in the country.

“Rev Obofour doesn’t make money from his church. He has an oil company in Liberia, he has a gold firm, a water company and numerous hotels. He even owns a private jet”, Bro Sammy disclosed.

Rev Obofour is well noted for his extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle and his public display of wealth.

Well, it has now been established that Rev Obofour is a businessman who has numerous companies fetching him huge sums of money and does not depend on his church for survival.

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