Photos: Couple Marries Wearing ‘Gym’ Clothes – Are They Broke or Stingy??

Photos: Couple Marries Wearing ‘Gym’ Clothes – Are They Broke or Stingy??


Weddings are usually one in a lifetime ceremony but with divorce rates so high these days, some people are certain to have 2 or three weddings in their lifetime. This new couple is trending on Social media because of the simplicity fo their wedding.

Everyone has a dream wedding and most people spend a lot on their wedding just to look their most beautiful self that day and to make the occasion very memorable but this couple had no plans of spending soo much on a wedding, so they decided to take the unusual route.

The groom did not wear a suit, neither did the bride even wore a wedding gown and they just walked into the courtroom to make their marriage official.

As can seen in the photos, not more than 15 friends and family members were present and we believe it was all a way to cut down cost.

Well, everyone is different. I certainly wouldn’t want to have a wedding like this all in the name of saving money but it also makes sense to some extent.

But then, just because of some future kids, my own happiness shouldn’t matter? I am not settling for something like this at all—but hey we all different.

Would you want a wedding like this? Share your thoughts on it in comments.

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