Ghanaian Comedian Kojo Anim Gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

Ghanaian Comedian Kojo Anim Gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer


It came as a surprise to everyone in the auditorium when Simon Cowell hit his Golden Buzzer for Kojo Anim, although he put up a very impressive performance. You know it’s almost impossible to impress Cowell, so getting the Golden Buzzer from him is like a miracle.

Born in Ghana and later settling in London, Kojo Anim, is a UK based stand up comedian and filmmaker. He has been doing this for about twenty (20) years- opening up shows for big comedians and advising upcoming ones.

Before his stunning performance that got the whole auditorium on its feet, he disclosed that his Fiancee who was in teh audience motivated her to come onto the show and to do something for himself.

Kojo’s performance was outstanding and got everyone cracking their ribs, making jokes about having african parents in the UK and life in UK in general.

Watch Kojo Anims Performance Below:


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