Is Hamamat Montia’s Phone Hacked? – Mystery Person Threatens to Leak N-ked Photos

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Apparently, the Ghanaian model and former Miss Malaika Beauty Queen, Hamamat Montia’s mobile phone has landed in the hands of a wrong person ─ probably a bitter ex-boyfriend and he has threatened to release her n*des and banging videos on her phone on Instagram.

In a post with a blurred image of a n-ked woman sighted by on Hamamat Montia’s Instagram account, the person currently in possession of her phone threatened to drop her n*des and banging videos if he gets 1000 comments under the post.

The post reads, “Hi kings&queens : 1000 ??comments ??to drop the first nude video this fone is full of nudes”.

The person posted another photo with an inscription, “More N*des Loading” ─ with the caption, “Ready King’s&Queens ?”

These two posts are definitely not from Hamamat Montia and it’s clear that her mobile phone has landed in the hands of someone bitter ─ maybe a bitter ex-boyfriend from the look of things.

hamamat 1

hamamat 2

This is the current state of her Instagram Page