Maame Serwaah Describes Her Ideal Man – See if You Fit

Maame Serwaah Describes Her Ideal Man – See if You Fit


When it comes to females in any set up at all, there is always the dread of how they are harassed by males in that setup. This goes beyond the borders of just a specific body or outfit.

When it comes to the Movie Industry and generally the Entertainment Industry, the conversation there is no different. We have heard stories from people and celebrities who have had to get s3xual with one person or the next before they could hit the limelight.

Unlike the many who have suffered this fate, Kumawood actress MaameSerwaah born Clara Benson says she has not been approached with any of such.

“No one in the industry has approached me with sexual advances. My type of guy should be quiet, prayerful and hardworking.” She added.

post credit: GhanaCelebrities.Com
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