Couple Charged For Screaming Whilst Doing Atopa

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Now wait a minute, since when did screaming during sekz become a criminal offence? Indeed strange things happen in our modern era that’s why our jaw dropped when we came across this trending news.

From what we gathered, the incident happened in Uganda and it involved one man called Chacha Mwita and his girlfriend Cynthia. The pair were charged in a Meru court for screaming while having sekz, inconveniencing members of the public.

The court heard that on Sunday at Makutano Imenti North, Meru, the three were found in a building of Humphrey Murithi with the intent to commit a felony.

Mwita, 24, who is a businessman and Cynthia, 31, a casual labourer, were charged with having sexual intercourse in a lodging while screaming thereby causing inconvenience to the public.

the man and his lover

The two said it was true but after state prosecutor Adams Chelule read details pertaining to the charges, their explanation made the court to enter a plea of not guilty.

Chelule told the court on Sunday, police officers from Meru police station acting on a tip-off from members of the public ambushed the three at Palms Guest House, where they had got information that a witchdoctor was staging a scene to dupe members of the public.

Chacha and Cynthia were to pretend to be stuck together during sekzual intercourse and the witchdoctor (Twaha) would free them by magic.

He said when police visited the lodging, the two were heard screaming in one of the rooms. They proceeded to the room and found Chacha and Cynthia in the act screaming in the presence of Twaha.

Cynthia told the court she was in her usual business when she and Chacha agreed on Sh 1,000 for sekz but he gave her only Sh 400.

She said she knew Chacha since last December and she was shouting demanding pay before having sekz with him.

Chacha said they were not stuck as police alleged and that they were amused to see a big crowd gathering.

Police were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd eager to view the scene.

Magistrate Odhiambo said in view of their response the court presumed they had not pleaded guilty.

She ordered the three to get their freedom after depositing a cash bail of Sh20, 000 or a bond of Sh50, 0000.

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