No amount of money can change my political affiliation – M.anifest says as he discloses his political party

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Ghana’s GodMC, M.anifest, has revealed that no amount of money can persuade him to change his political affiliation after making his political party known.

According to M.anifest in an interview monitored by, the “godMC” said that he is only affiliated to “The Party Of The People” because he is unflinchingly for the masses and that has been reflective in his music.

“I think I am for the people, that’s the party I belong to, the party of the people and I think that’s more important,” he said.

The rapper, born, Kwame Ametepey Tsikata sharing his view on how musicians use their influence to support political campaigns, he stated that he doesn’t see himself ever supporting a political party with his craft.

“I can’t see that happening because music is powerful, it’s a spiritual thing, people take to it and I can’t just sell it cheap just for some dollars,” he said.

According to the son of Tsatsu Tsikita, a razor-sharp Ghanaian Lawyer, who worked for Rawlings’ PNDC and the NDC as a legal luminary, he is for the people and he believes that the people as a collective unit, should represent a body that will challenge any leader to do their best for the nation and that is what he largely does with his music.

Meanwhile, the rapper is set to use his fluent English to ‘another use’ after the rapper revealed that his family has asked him to write the obituary of Ghana’s musicologist, professor and historian, Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia.

Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia, who happens to be the grandfather of M.anifest, died on March 13, 2019, at a ripe age of 97-years.

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