Im waiting for the day no one goes out to VOTE! – Yvonne Nelson Calls on Ghanaians to Stop Voting in Elections to Send a Message to the Politicians

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Yvonne Nelson has called for a complete boycott of elections by Ghanaians to send a message to the powers that be that we are tired of their continuous incompetence and brazen corruption.

Yvonne took to Twitter to issue her rallying call in protest of underdevelopment all over the country.

According to her, in many parts of the country, no new development has occurred since as far back as 1957.

“I am waiting for the day no one goes out to vote just to send a strong message across, because it’s been the same from 1957 to me,” she tweeted.

“Cape Coast, Takoradi, Accra High Street look [the] same and even worse in some places. [I] don’t think seeing a KFC is development.”

Yvonne said Cape Coast, which is such an impressive tourist site, breaks her heart due to how little development has gone on there. She called on the government to stop unnecessary celebrations and commit those monies to development.

“We need to stop spending so much money on these celebrations, they are pointless, the money can be used for development,” she added.

Yvonne has become more politically ‘woke’ as the years go by, dating back to her leading the ‘dumsor’ demo during the reign of the previous government. She has also impressively put as much heat on this government as she did on the previous one.

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