Andy Odarky is a BIG Liar; “Ayeyi” song belongs to Lil Win – 925, ex Lil Win sound engineer speaks – Video

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Not long ago, it was reported in the media that Andy Odarky of TV3 mentor fame has filed a lawsuit against Kumawood actor Lil Win following an alleged music theft.

According Andy Odarky, there was a contractual talk between him and Boss Nation, a record label onto which Lil Win was signed on but the talk broke down along the line.

Andy in an interaction with the press explained that when the talk failed and Lil Win eventually set up his own record label, Wizzy Empire, he decided to produce the song, own and release it in his name.

Andy said though he is the “composer, writer and singer of the song,” the only “credit” he was given by Lil Win is that he (Lil Win) was the one who featured him (Andy). Besides, Lil Win did not make any changes to the song when bringing it out for public consumption.

925, Sound Engineer
925, Lil Win’s Former Sound Engineer

Now, three has been a twist to the brouhaha in reference to the ownership of the vibe under scrutiny. In the vice of 925 who used to be Lil Win’s sound engineer, Andy Odarky is nothing but a big liar! To the best of his (925) knowledge, the song belongs to the comic actor all other things being equal – ceteris paribus.

The promising sound engineer in an exclusive interview with Fante Quoo of Inside Prime Page TV expressed shock over the claims made by the former mentor contestant. He voiced that;

“Lil Win initially collaborated with Andy for free in the studios of Dan Bassey in Kumasi and in return, he (925) suggested that they (Andy and Lil Win) should record another song in the name of Lil Win. So, it was like a barter trade, therefore, I can’t understand why Andy should be going around saying that Lil Win has stolen his song perhaps it’s all for hype”, 925 said this in an interview with Fante Quoo.

Enough, kindly watch full interview below:

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