Funny: See Kalybos Reaction When Emilia Brobbey Says She Loves Been Licked on the Bortos

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A-list actress Emelia Brobbey has confessed that she loves to be licked and that when a man goes down on her with his tongue, it makes her feel he really loves her.

Emelia Brobbey made this confession when she appeared as a guest on Ghone TV’s ‘Duvet’ show.

According to her, most men feel going down there to lick is ‘disgusting’ and so majority of men would never do that, although some end up going down there anyways because they feel no one is watching them anyways.

Confessing, she said she loved to be licked all over her body before the main action of the day starts and she gets more turned on when she’s licked on the bum.
Emelia Brobbey–New Perm Cut

She also added that some women do not keep their honey pot clean and advised that, women make sure the place is neat and smells good at all times, so their men could always lick them.

Watch the video below:

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