Aww: Lydia Forson’s Birthday Message to Her Mother as She Turns 67 is Just Lovely

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There is nothing that could be compared to the love of a mother and one is lucky if they still have their mothers very much alive as they are grown.

Actress Lydia Forson’s mother is plus one and the Lydia took to her Instagram page to wish her mother well and ask the Lord for many years of blessings and long life.

“Today my best friend turns 67 years. 67 years‼ I know that unlike some I’m extremely blessed, lucky and even more blessed to have you with me; and for that, I try to make every single minute, hour, and day count.
I appreciate all the moments we share and the memories we create.”

“And on this day my ONLY prayer is to have more years of laughter, arguing over cleaning the kitchen, doing your hair, enjoying hotel rooms, watching junk reality tv and more recently, waking up at dawn to make @kinkymatters with you.
I love you Mum, and I really hope I can continue to show you how much.”

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