John Dumelo Asks for Advice for Ghanaian Lady Who Got Pregnant Through Rape – Should She Abort it?

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A Ghanaian lady has developed a dilemma which she’s seeking advice for, as to whether to abort a baby which is growing in her belly as a result of being s*xually assaulted.

The lady narrated her ordeal to actor John Dumelo asking for advice, and he posted it on his page for his followers to also chip in with their own bits of advice.

The lady revealed that she was raped and is now pregnant but is afraid to get an abortion because apparently, her pastor told her that if she ever gets an abortion she would never be able to give birth.

Fact is if she can get a safe abortion there’s little chance of complications and pastors often say such stuff to control what their congregation does. She doesn’t need advice simply needs medical help.

Check out the post below… what advice do you have for her?

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