Jodiba on the verge to mainstream success

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Christened, Joseph Dickson Bassaw at birth, Jodiba is a budding Ghanaian talent who hails from Moree in the Central Region, but has in recent times infiltrated the mainstream.

The young avid musical powerhouse has a deep understanding and knowledge rooted in music coupled with his lingering vocals.

He manifests his multi-talented nature as a singer, rapper and songwriter- the 5th born out of 6 siblings who is sure to place first on your music makers list – do check him out.

His musical discovery journey started in his early school days at Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High School at Anomabu in the Central Region.

He joined the now-defunct group ‘5000 Ones’ on whose account he conquered the Central Region of Ghana with performances spanning from gigs held across the towns of Moree, Cape-Coast and Anomabu.

The Alumni of Takoradi Technical University (TTU), did not downplay his Rap prowess as he has participated in tons of such competitions and won himself countless trophies.

Jodiba lounges in the glory of his danceable debut single, “Ayeeba”, which undeniably gave him mileage on the airwaves.

He also boasts of a collaboration with the 2018 VGMA ‘Record of the Year” winner, TeePhlow, on a song titled “One Drop”, which certainly earmarks him as one of the few to watch out for in the field.

He hones an accepted catchphrase, ‘Ayah’, which dominates his songs as it reminds him of God’s greatness and power to raise him “higher”.

Jodiba, together with his elder brother, Pythagoras, the CEO of Jobas Muzik record label, readies to release his debut album soon.

Post credit: Ghana Music.