Showboy has reacted to Medikal and Strongman diss songs, this is what he said…


Ghanaian but American based musician and self acclaimed “Trap King”, Showboy, has finally put his nose in Medikal and Strongman diss songs.

When there are musical feuds like what we just experienced between Strongman and Medikal, Entertainment critics like Sam Sarfo (Showboy) and Achipalago are among the people who fire up to make it last for a while.

Showboy is reportedly facing jail in the States after his grudge against the demise, Junior US.

The controversial media sensation, Showboy, who has been nursing a musical career was arrested some months back.

One would ask, “why is he getting access on social media after his arrest”? But sincerely, we do not have an idea on the person behind his accounts. He’s being often updating his platforms.

After the feud between Medikal and Strongman, Showboy took to his twitter account to give his response.

He wrote

Don’t go to war without your commander !!!

We do not know whom he was referring to but in many ways, this tweet is pounced on to Medikal.

See his post below

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