Sarkodie Is Not Happy with GH Bloggers | Read His Latest Post

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for
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It’s obvious that every industry player’s dream in Ghana is to earn from their sweat but its turned out to be the otherwise.

Both movie producers and musicians are wailing because their produces are not earning the way they thought it would.

Pissed Sarkodie has addressed to his fans on twitter to stop feeding telecom companies with their money but rather feed artists by buying their music on platforms. He asserted that Ghanaians should put a stop to downloading their music for free on websites that do not them.

Its without doubts, we know most acts supports his opinion.

Now movie producers have to do a premiere of their movies before they get paid unlike first when we buy CD’s or they upload their movies on YouTube to be paid. Musicians of late gets money through playing shows and YouTube.

Sarkodie on twitter pleads to his fans to buy their music from platforms rather than downloading for free on websites.

See angry Sarkodie’s tweets below