Nam1 Has Not Won Any $39 Million From Horizon Royal Diamond | Man in Dubai Court Explains

Nam1 Has Not Won Any $39 Million From Horizon Royal Diamond | Man in Dubai Court Explains


It seems the embattled Menzgold CEO might not be showing up in Ghana any soon after almost two years of his departure from the country.

Nana Appiah Mensah after allegedly getting arrested in Dubai over a fraudulent transaction he got involved in with Horizon Royal Diamond company based in Dubai, has not been sighted by the public since.

With his only source of contact to the people of Ghana and his Menzgold company being his social media pages and his lawyers, and oh! his brother Stanley Kordie!

We reported recently that Nana Appiah Mensah has won this “confusing Dubai case” and that a court in Dubai had ordered Horizon Royal Diamond to pay 39 Million dollars to him. Apparently, that is not the case. Click here to see how Ghanaians reacted to the news.

Ghanaian entertainment website claims that “a source with ABC News has debunked claims that the appeals court in Dubai ordered Horizon Royal Diamond to pay NAM1 an amount of thirty-nine million dollars”

“I was in court that day, it is not true that NAM1 is to be given any Thirty-nine Million Dollars. The judge, Rasheed Mohammed Al-Sumairi, ruled that the appellant (Horizon Diamond) had failed to produce enough evidence to support its claim that, NAM1 owes the company the said amount”,

he stated

“NAM1 did not make a counterclaim against the company, so how could the court have awarded that cost to him”,

he further said

“I was in Court but neither NAM1 and his lawyers nor Danny Joudeof of Horizon Royal Diamond was not present”

I personally have never believed this whole Nam1 court case thing, also cuz I don’t care about it. But I just pray this man comes back and pays everyone he is owing.

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