“I don’t believe that God is a man” Okyeame Kwame Explains

“I don’t believe that God is a man” Okyeame Kwame Explains


Okyeame has explained his concept of God in a recent interview.

Talking to Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on JOY FM, about his beliefs and religion, the hiplife maestro disclosed that he thinks God does not identify as either male or female but rather is asexual.

“I don’t believe that God is a man. I think he’s Asexual. Reading around, i come to conclude that God is a he and has some elements of a she. God is not only a he’.

he said.

He further stated that, his notion on ideas of Goda are rather radical.

” I don’t believe in the Trinity. I think God has given us the ability to make our own choices. Some of my ideas with regards to religion are very radical. I don’t have such conversations with my children for now”.

he continued.

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