Sarkodie Reacts To M.anifest’s ‘Kaba’ Comment | See Post

Sarkodie Reacts To M.anifest’s ‘Kaba’ Comment | See Post


Manifest subtly shaded Sarkodie for wearing a GTP Kaba, Sarkodie has reacted.

Manifest took Sarkodie’s birthday as the only opportunity to slam him as a revenge to Sarkodie’s diss song direct to him some years back.

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Sarkodie’s dissed Manifest with a song called “Kanta”, below is the part of the lyrics where Sarkodie threw shots at Manifest that was appealing to Ghanaians during their squabble.

Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba
Me no me rap yɛ authentic
Jay-Z a ya mix-i with Kendrick
Nansa yi sɛ boys nni swag na sɛ ntaade no nnɔɔso a ɔmo claim-e afro-centric
Ntɔtɔfeefee wanna diss
The beat I run and push, onua wo yɛ bitch

Well, Sarkodie’s birthday pictures circulating are those he was in an African Print.

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Manifest on twitter has reminded Sarkodie that, that same “KABA” he blasted him with he’s seen wearing exactly one.

Manifest on twitter wrote;

From one kaba god to another… Happy Birthday @sarkodie 🎉🎂💥

See screenshot below

After Manifest’s “Kaba” comment sparkled outrage, Sarkodie took to his twitter page to react.

Sarkodie wrote;

Lol!!! 👑👑

See Sarkodie’s post

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