Love: See Michy’s Birthday Message to Majesty as He Turns 4 years

Love: See Michy’s Birthday Message to Majesty as He Turns 4 years


Today marks the 4th birthday of the one and only Shatta Majesty.

To mark and celebrate the birthday of Majesty Mommy, Michelle Diamond has taken to her Instagram page to share the loveliest message ever to her only baby.

I’m all up in my feelings this morning😔 the power of this tiny but mighty son of mine. I never met anyone who could make me so mad & in seconds he bribes me with the sweetest kisses ever😩I wish Majesty knew what he’s taught me since I was blessed with him. His sincerity, kindness, adventurous & genuine nature. Omg♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I’m ever grateful to God for making me his mum🙏🙏🙏 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING MAJESTY 👑 
Outfit by mummy😁yes i sew 🧵 too #learnaskillthatpays 📸 @anewdayghphotography

Michy posted alonside the photos of Majesty below.

We are yet to hear what Daddy, Shatta Wale has to say to Majesty, but while we wait, take a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! AND PLENTY KISSES from us, little legend!!

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