Actress Khareema Aguiar Gone Ghost After Borrowing Friend’s Money.

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Ghanaian actress Khareema Aguiar is allegedly on the run after she borrowed a friends money in 2016 and refused to pay since.

As reported by, a London-based Ghanaian woman, friends with the actress who is struggling with her own upkeep, lent Khareema a whooping GHS50,000 years ago and when it was time for Khareema to pay as agreed, she told stories after stories until she finally became a ghost (was nowhere to be found).

Khareema continued with her storytelling until the friend (name withheld) decided to sue her.

Apparently, the moment the lawsuit was filed in Ghana, actress Khareema Aguiar turned into a vanished in thin air, she is said to have flown to Canada, where she is currently hiding.

The notice of the claim was plastered on the wall of her house, and eventually, summary judgment of about 71,000 GHS (the amount borrowed plus interest) was issued against her by the Accra High Court on April 2019.

With the actress currently hiding in Canada and with little to no asset to her broke name, the creditor has a judgment at hand but in reality, her money is gone.