Yawa: Sarkodie’s gateman sacks Joey B from entering his house just because of …

Rapper / singer Joey B prevented from entering Sarkodie’s house because he was pictured as a thief.

Just as the Ghanaian traditions still holds, people with Rasta hairstyles, dyed hair and people who dressed in wacky clothes are assumed to be a bad people, singer Joey B has shared his experience when he was disallowed from entering Sarkodie’s house.

Joey B is known to be a fun of baggy clothes as he’s always dressed in one. Also, he’s always seen with dyed hair among others of which Sarkodie has never been in such appearance before that made him to be disallowed from entering Sarkodie’s house.

Earlier today, Joey B hinted on going to Sarkodie’s house for a video shoot on their new single dubbed “La Familia” but stopped at a shell station and bought cookies for Sarkodie’s gateman because he asserted that the gateman is his only obstacle to Sarkodie’s house.

According to Joey B, he reached his destination and all of a sudden the gateman pushed him thinking he’s a thief until Sarkodie intervened. Sarkodie then asked his gate man to apologize and made him to rap to his hit song “Tonga”.

Check Joey B’s traumatic experience at Sarkodie’s house below,

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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