Mama Gee Could Spend 15 to 25 Years In Prison If Found Guilty – James Lartey, Head Of Communication FDA

A few weeks ago popular aphrodisiac peddler Mama Gee was arrested by the police for selling unregistered products and making claims that her products will make a ladies private part with sweet as a result of men will give them anything the lady asks for.

According to Mama Gee, she is running a legitimate business by selling traditional medicine and some herbs and that she’s not a criminal.

However, the Head of Communication at the Food and Drugs Authority revealed on the “Late Afternoon Show” she’s found guilty she could spend a minimum of 15 years or maximum 25 years in prison.

Speaking on the show, Mr. James Lartey said that Mama Gee’s case is being investigated by the police and is being treated as a criminal case, adding that when found guilty she could spend 15 years minimum or 25 years maximum in prison.

He made this revelation after Berla asked him “So, what’s the situation with Mama Gee, has she been processed for court..?

The police is working on the case. It is a criminal case.” he responded

But Mama Gee said in a video that she’s not a criminal” Berla quizzed him further

You catch a thief and thief says I am not a thief, it doesn’t mean he or she is not a thief. So let the police investigate if she’s found guilty fine.” he said

What could happen to her if found guilty…?” Berla asked

When you look into the law they’re two things; she could go in, a minimum of 15years or a maximum of 25years. Again, she could be fine for a minimum of GHC90,000 or a maximum of GHC180,000.” Mr. Lartey said

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