Afia Schwarzenegger disgracefully being kicked out from UK for stealing a Gold Watch | Watch Video

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Shameful video of Afia Schwarzenegger being kicked out from UK for stealing a gold watch which belonged to a man called Johnny.

Just as Nana Tornado exposed Afia Schwarzenegger for stealing Johnny’s gold wrist watch, Johnny himself took the footage of when Afia Schwarzenegger was in his room and everything that happened.

In the meantime, Afia Schwarzenegger and Nana Tornado’s friendship has fallen out because the two has difficulties in settling a dispute.

According to Nana Tornado, Afia Schwarzenegger has destroyed his name to people including a man who helped them to acquire a visa to USA.

The two went dirty on social media to extend where Afia Schwarzenegger rebutted Nana Tornados claim that she stole a gold watch by flaunting bundles of cash. Click here to watch Afia Schwarzenegger flaunts cash to slam Nana Tornado.

A new video spotted saw the full footage of when comedian Afia Schwarzenegger was being kicked out from Johnny’s apartment in UK.

In the video, according to Johnny who was recoding, Afia Schwarzenegger after stealing his gold watch tried to defend herself by calling the cops on him. But afterwards the cops finalized and dragged Afia Schwarzenegger shamefully out from UK.

Watch video below