M.I Abaga lists his top 10 Greatest Rappers of all time

M.I Abaga lists his top 10 Greatest Rappers of all time


Nigerians top rapper and BET nominee M. I Abaga has also chosen his top 10 world Greatest Rappers of al time.

The Nigerian rapper also maintained Jay-Z at the number one spot followed by Tupac. Between Jay-Z and Tupac has been the biggest challenge on his list that has got many netizens to consider his list as being biased.

On the list, BIG was on the third best rapper list followed by Eminem. The two occupying the third and fourth position is quit reasonable and not doubtful.

Nas, Ice Cube and Snoop followed respectively at the firth, sixth and seventh position. MI Abaga must have a different world altogether where he studies music because his list is just superb.

On the last three positions MI Abaga chose LL Cole J, Kendrick and Drake accordingly.

MI Abaga being one of Nigeria’s best rappers must have a good taste for rap music and definitely he might have his inspirations from some of the artists on his list.

Let’s Checkout Rapper MI Abaga’s list for top 10 rappers

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