I Will Never Date A Guy With Pot-Belly..Why Is He Pregnant..? – Nikki Samonas Says

I Will Never Date A Guy With Pot-Belly..Why Is He Pregnant..? – Nikki Samonas Says


Ghanaian actress and TV presenter Nikki Samonas has disclosed in a recent interview with colleague actress Emelia Brobbey that she will never date a guy with pot belly.

Speaking to Emelia on “Love Time With Emelia”, Nikki Samonas mention the features she looks out for in a guy she wants to date.

According to her, the guy’s first appearance is what she looks at, secondly, a guy who is outspoken.

She further revealed that she likes a guy who has an average height and of any color complexion.

Finally, she indicated that she dislike guys who have pot belly because it’s as if they are pregnant.

Nikki made this revelation to Emelia after she asked her “If you need a man in your life, What do you look out for in a guy you want to be with and love him….?”

Nikki Samonas responded;

Naturally, your first appearance counts. Secondly, I look out for a guy who is outspoken, because of the kind of profession I am in, and I need such a guy to defend me in all situations.

Also, I want a guy who has an average height, and I hate guys who have pot bellies.

At least have an average pot belly…..Why is he pregnant…?

Also, I have no problem with color complexion.

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