Kanye West gifts his manager a brand new customized Lamborghini SUV (video)

Kanye West gifts his manager a brand new customized Lamborghini SUV (video)


Rapper Kanye West surprises his manager John Monopoly with a brand new customized Lambo

There is a strong relationship that exists between most artists and their manager(s) that become remarkable and welcomes consequences. Artists surprising their managements is something that usually sets their team strong and brings encouragements on board.

Monopoly discovered Kanye West and served as his manager for his first 3 albums. According to Monopoly, he has worked his Kanye for 30 years and together they are like brothers.

In an interview with Monopoly, he wanted to keep the surprise secret but earlier before his interview with TMZ, he was spotted with Kanye West which their photos are already circulating on the internet.

John disclosed that he never thought he would be surprised with gifts from West. The Lamborghini comes with a customized SUV with the matte-black paint job estimated for about $300k.

Watch the surprising video below

Watch John Monopoly’s interview with TMZ below

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