Actress Salma Mumin’s cute Butt before her big Butt surgery | See before and after photos

Actress Salma Mumin’s cute Butt before her big Butt surgery | See before and after photos


Henceforth, actress Salma Mumin would be attributed on her newly butt augmentation even if she is crowned with the ‘lions’ honor. Even though we never wanted it to be in that manner but I guess she’s ever ready to face any news about herself.

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Salma Mumin is one of the hottest actresses in Ghana currently. The gorgeous actress won the Influencer of the year at Fashion and lifestyle awards 2019 which was organized by Fala Africa.

Boldly, the actress confirmed buying an artificial Butt for a reason only known to herself. This confirmation happened when she replied “I bought it” to a comment under her alleged Butt enlargement photo on Instagram. Interestingly, almost half of her colleague actresses were congratulating her, like really?.

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This her Butt augmentation stirred the internet when controversial Adom FM’s presenter Sister Sandy released a juicy gossip where she revealed that Salma Mumin is in Turkey where she undergone surgical operations to get her gargantuan butt. According to Sister Sandy, it might be that the actress is under her boyfriend’s influence or it might be her own right.

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A before and after bikini photo of the actress is circulating online. In both pictures, she was in a swim suit of the same color. But there’s a wider difference when it comes to her Butt.

In the photo below, the left picture is the actress’s before and on the right is her newly gained butt.

Checkout the photo below

See more Butt augmented photos of the actress below

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