Davido promises to take care of DJ Arafat’s wife and children | See post

Davido promises to take care of DJ Arafat’s wife and children | See post


Nigerian singer Davido has vowed to cater for the needs of DJ Arafat’s family.

To Davido, he’s one of the few heartbroken artists after hearing news on the death of leading African singer DJ Arafat.

Davido recounted the last time he performed massively with DJ Arafat in Abidjan, on twitter, he shared a snippets of their performance in remembrance of DJ Arafat.

After sending an emotional condolence message to the family of DJ Arafat, Davido has hinted on being there for them as long as he’s alive.

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Via twitter, the “Assurance” hitmaker wrote:

Last time we performed together at My concert in Abidjan 🇨🇮 @yorobo86 !! Woke up this morning still can’t believe you gone! I love you brother… I will be there for your family as long as I’m here ! Like they say The best flowers are picked first 👼🏾 ! Enjoy heaven YOROBO ❤️

See his post below

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