Meet The Ghanaian Songstress Who Is Proud Of Being A L3sbobo | Watch Video

Meet The Ghanaian Songstress Who Is Proud Of Being A L3sbobo | Watch Video


For the first time over several decades, a musician in Ghana has been bold enough to open up on her sexuality with the same sex.

Some celebrities in Ghana have been alleged to be homosexuals but they are always ready to propound vague theories to debunk the public knowledge.

Ah well, Eyeson who happens to be a Ghanaian musician based in the United Kingdom has disclosed her sexuality in the public with no recourse whatsoever. Revealing her love life, Eyeson shockingly posited that she’s a proud lesbobo or otherwise known as lesbian.

The young singer speaking to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa indicated that she will not hide her identity as a proud lesbian because she is enjoying her love affair with her lesbian partner.

According to Eyeson, her female lover is a Kenyan who is also based in the UK. Giving reason why she opted to do women and not men, the budding musician stated that men are unfaithful who will only have sex with you and dump you, unlike women who are affectionate.

I’m attracted to more than one gender, love goes where love is, so it doesn’t matter. So yeah I have a girlfriend and I don’t see why I should hide it…No, she is not a Ghanaian, she is a Kenyan based in the UK and I can’t hide her. She revealed.

Boys of today are not trustworthy, they only come to take advantage of you and go.

So it’s better to date a girl because, at least, you know this bitch is broke and I’m broke too, so you don’t expect anything from that and women are more compassionate than men” she added.


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