Shatta Bandle Says Sarkodie is Expired But Don Little Has A Response for Him | Video


So the young rich N!gg4 in an interview on Okay FM canceled Sarkodie when he was asked whether or not he will sign Sarkodie to his record label.

Sarkodie is old artiste
He expire like birth Certificate

Shatta Bandle told the host.

whatever that means.

Watch Shatta Bandle’s interview on Okay FM below.

Responding to Shatta Bandle, Don Little his now-rival has taken to social media to blast him with all sort of words, warning him to never speak trash about Sarkodie again.

just in case you missed it, Don Little beat up Shatta Bandle on Stage the past week, see that video here.

“I want somebody to send this message to Shatta Bandle. Make he warn himself. If he no stop mentioning Sarkodie’s name say he be old artiste ah, he go see. See all your teeth, e rot like dem use grater to pass your mouth wey you dey there say Sarkodie be old artiste”.

Don Little warned.

Watch Don Little’s response to Shatta Bandle below.

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