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According to the TIAMAT RECORDS signee artist,Yayo,a promising Tadi music star has asked the Musician UNION of Ghana to do their best to create and form a credit union under the management to to support the members with loan services.

He furthermore explained that,though the union has some big and prominent men ,they do complain bitterly about the hardship they go through to finance their music.In his view,members do pay dues and also contribute so much to MUSIGA whilst others go through hardship as much as to even produce a single song ,money for music videos and promotions.

He added,if musicians union of Ghana is able to carry out this initiative,it will bring back hope in the music industry as well as to reunite those who disassociated themselves with the blame the union inability to help and support hardworking artists.

Finally,MUSIGA should have its official TV channel to telecast,music events,promote their music videos and take coverage of programs to help the music industry.