Mzbel Chopped Afia Schwar’s BF: Leaked Text Message | Screenshots

Mzbel Chopped Afia Schwar’s BF: Leaked Text Message | Screenshots


This is not one of our usual blog posts!… I need answers. and I hope I even got the post title right.

So I’ve been scrolling past Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel’s beef for a while, It just doesn’t bother me to click, are people really following this beef? (I hope to find out from this blog post.)

So Afia Schwarzenegger in a new post on her Instagram has dropped a screenshot of a chat with Mzbel.

She captioned her post,

When people are talking they forget where they fucked up…I will leave this here n explain the rest on my YouTube channel Schwar TV..And oh you are quick to grant an interview on me…have you spoken to Castro’s family Mzbel???
Why were you lying abt my boyfriend’s number,why didn’t you tell the whole world how you were begging me n my man to ask his friend who was dating Dede your househelp to sleep with you becos of money…
You are such a foolish useless old woman!!!!!

with the picture below.

Whatever that means… I feel like I’ve missed out a lot on this topic while I was busy minding my business.

Can someone gist me on what is going on here? Tell me in the comments section. Thank you.

See the screenshot of Mzbel’s chat with Afia below.


Apparently Mzbel had gone to Afia Schwazennger’s house and had sex with her boyfriend called Alloy.

See her responses to fans who asked her the meaning of her post.

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